Promotional Efforts through Various Platforms

Expand your knowledge on current affairs by subscribing to The Affluent Atlanta's Luxury Lifestyle Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer print advertising and event promotions as well, along with wide-reaching radio and television spots as marketing platforms.

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Advertising Space

Primarily, we sell advertising space in our magazine. This includes publishing interviews of business owners, famous stars and their jazz or R&B music, as well as wealthy personalities in the Atlanta area.

Media Kit

The Media Kit is a snapshot of our advertising packages including everything from advertising needs to what will be used to bind the magazine. It includes a full page where you can see the content of the magazine, editorial calendars, and many other interesting features. The media kit also helps you know who your audience will be and where the magazine will be circulated. Aside from that, it tells you about the advertisers who will market your campaign.

Broadcast Marketing

For television spots, we feature events and movie screenings. Aside from that, our program airs interviews from influential business moguls. We use this media platform as a marketing tool for businesses located in Atlanta, like Mercedes-Benz™.


Most of the time, our post-production team edits interviews and uploads them on our website. Past interviews are kept in our archives, which can be pulled for future ad campaigns. This is also done for cross-promotion purposes. We use this content for our magazine and our social media channels.

Recorded Interview

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Photo Section

To help you promote your brand, we will feature your events on our Photo Section. We attend gatherings and cover red carpet events, music video releases, as well as movie screenings. All of the photos from our events and coverage will be compiled in a page as part of our promotional efforts.

Business Networking

Aside from helping business leaders market their brands through our magazine and through television, we host events that are open to all our partners. One is the Fluent Gold event or the Affluent Summer Series which promotes business networking. Our events feature live music, famous chefs, and major car companies.

Luxury Events

Aside from organizing promotional events, we also host exciting casino and bingo nights. Additionally, we organize chef demos, fashion shows, and golf events with a live band playing jazz music. During these events, we distribute giveaways of luxury products to attendants. Typically, we open our events to a limited number of participants only. Nevertheless, some of our events will be open to readers, so be sure to check back regularly for updates on event schedules.

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